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I have a cop story of my own:

a few of my friends and i play on property owned by the local gas company because its really the best woodsball area i have ever seen, but we play on this feild with the written permission of the company. when we play we have to hike about a mile up a road , and at the bottom of the road there is a spot where we hang out and make sure people are going to come that day. it just so happens that there is this old man that lives across the creek from the place where we wait , and he never really talked to us or had much to do with us until one day we decied to ask him for the key to the gate that blocks the road so we wouldnt have to carry all our stuff up hollow. When we walked over to his house to get the key he told us that we werent allowed up their in the first place, and that this was going to be the last time that he would sit and watch while we broke the law. well, one of the guys who plays with us works for the gas company and had it put in writing that we were allowed to use the land as long as we didnt vandalize any of the equipment that company owned. so when the old fart told us this the guy that works for the gas company , matt, walked to his car and got the document. after viewing the document the old man said it was still illeagal to play like we were. we were mad but decied to push the issue any furhter because it was getting late and a few of us wanted to try out some new setups for our guns. so we decied to just walk that day , but matt had said he would ask his boss for a key to the gate. we played and werernt bothered by the old man any more that day. another week rolls around and matt comes to play with a key to the gate so he unlocks it and we all drive up to the place that we play. we get out of the cars and start getting our makers ready for the day, when a police car comes in sight down the road with the old man in the front seat, and a policeman in the other. they both get out of the car and walk up to us, the policeman then asks us if we had been causing trouble, and did we have any illegal substances on our person. matt quickly walks up to the police officer and explains that we have permission to play on the land , and all this time the old man is shooting all of us the most dirty looks you would ever expect to recive. the poloce officer asks us if we had any problem with him looking though our stuff , and we all answer no. after he had examined our bags he told us that he was sorry for the inconvenice . we all understood why he had wanted to know if we were allowed to play there , but we werent quite sure why he wanted to look though our stuff. so i ask him if he could tell us why he wanted to look though our stuff , he replyed that he had gotten a tip that we went up there to get drunk and smoke weed. he then gets back into his car and drives off the mad old man with him.
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