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The PBR Art Gallery *Read the Rules*

this is a gallery made to recognize pbr's artists. post any of your work; charcoal, graphite, paint, sculpture, photography, CG, etc... this thread is for portfolio-quality work. if you don't know what a portfolio is, you probably shouldn't be posting in this thread. also, do not post the following:

- Photoshop entries must be sent to me prior to posting
- MS paint drawings
- Nude models
- Doodles
- Unfinished work
- Music or writing; this thread is intended for the visual arts
- Random photos (it's hard to say what is art and what isn't, this will be at my or another mod's discretion)
- Comics
- Another artist's work (if you can, watermark your own)
- Questions/Comments. PM the artist with these.

*i originally didn't want photoshop posted because i thought people would abuse it and post jokes and stupid crap. i do recognize the artistic value in graphic design.
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