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There you are...
And I *will* get some other stuff up here sometime

Very old drawing:

Sneakily took photo of GCSE art mock exam piece. All my GCSE work has mysteriously disappeared from the art room, no one seems to know where it's gone. We think my old teacher (who changed schools) took it with her..

Old and unfinished:

More recent:

The rest of my paintball drawings are with my vanished GCSE coursework I'm afraid.. I think I have photos of some of it hosted somewhere, I'll do my best to find it. I'll hopefully be drawing a lot more now exams are over

Non-paintball stuff:

Messing around in photoshop (David Draiman of Disturbed)

Meh really don't like this one

Even older.. never finished it:

Also old. Dan Donegan of Disturbed..

Still life for school..

And again:

Self portrait..

Sam Fisher.. what can I say, I'm a Splinter Cell fan..

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