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I haven't ordered one yet. but for christmas someone surprised me with some locklids (which i love) so I'm thinking Dye attack pack.

yes the reverse profilers are tight but I don't have $30 extra for a color switch. I'm just gonna get a normal one.

I guess you can say i'm a baller on a budget. lol i need money for a car!

I have so far

1) Angel Airtime jersey : Free for christmas
2) Dye Hybrid 04 Pants : Free from christmas
3) NINE Locklid pods (i know it's alot I'll never use the mall): Free for christmas
3) RARE speed 05 w/ ups: 550 shipped
4) MAcDev Legion Air: $225 thanks to rock-it games
5) Attack Pack (did not buy yet) $74 from Dye
6) Reloader B(did not buy yet: $150
7) Profiler(did not buy yet): $70

Total Cost: $1059, less than most high end markers. lol

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