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OK, just a brief update, as some people have expressed an interest in my Angel trials and tribulations..... Yes some people need a life as badly as I do!

Well, the frame is still covered in machine marks. Not on WDP's list of priorities to resolve that for me.

The reg adapter was replaced for me free of charge (other than the postage to return the one I had). Meh, could have been worse. At least the shop didn't blame it on the post and leave me in the lurch.

The STD LPR arrived, and yes, there was a potential problem with it. One of the holes drilled through the reg to carry the air flow has been drilled (to my mind) too close to the surface of the part, causing the surface to be pushed up in a ridge. STD checked and there are a number that are like this, but none have been returned so far, so hopefully not a problem. It is my intention to run a higher pressure through it than I would ever run the marker at (500psi I'm thinking) and see what happens. If the LPR stands up to that, I'll trust it.

Finally, another positive - I sorted out the Freak alignment issue. Yay for me! So altogether, I mixed bag of good and bad luck since my last post here. Oh, and the Tadao board is very, very nice. I wish it had an LCD screen and all the features that you have come to expect from an Angel board, but for pure, out and out performance

So to tide you over until I get my Angel tool kit and install the reg mount and LPR (I really must get on to that, I've been putting it off too long), a few more photos as it is now: -

Old VL2000 Shredder loader - that won't keep up.....

Mmm, PBR jersey as back drop!

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