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That pretty Kapp Flame Cocker in the upper picture IS MINE btw...if you didnt know who scottie was = ) Team SBD is undergoing a name change most likley! ...what do you think of Team Soul train.....a team of all white mostly over weight men with large spending accounts who cant dance??? I think it works, dont you?
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"Never criticize a man until you have walked 10 miles in his shoes.....because then your 10 miles away and you have his SHOES!"

" I swear to god I'll kill myself where I stand if it's[song] from Cats[play]." -Carter from SpinCity

" Speak softly and carry a big stick." - Theodore Roosevelt.

TEAM SBD Front/mid player (cus im so small) in (Elk Grove,CA) and tactical wizard! ....and im a good liar
too...mwa hahah....just kidding....or am I?
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