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I just got around to reading some of the other posts before this one....lemmie just say that while the warpfeed may cut down on your profile, thats still enough head area for me to tag ( dunno about the rest of you). Mebe Emster, you should try some pictures from bunkers that arnt laying down, crawling a snake, and maybe running with that bulky thing ... ect ect. Not every bunker you play is going to be a stading wodden door.

On another note....heres my beautiful gun....Everyone sez cockers can outshoot angels....the angel must have had the stock trigger job and the cocker dude must have been high cus i can NOT outshoot any of my Angel owning friends with a slightly adjusted trigger ( and i can flat out rip of my cocker ). Granted the cocker is still very fast and accurate but it cant meet the speed of an angel. SoRrY! Ok heres my cocker....just sit and watch it for a while and it will answer all of lifes questions...jk.
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