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Originally Posted by ibeeberz
That is so true, i support that 100%. An addition to kind paintballers always helping, they do more then just try to fix ur gun for u. One time some guy gave me 100 free rounds because i was out of money and i ran out of paintballs in my pods and hopper. Secondly stealing is so harsh, someone who paid lots of money for equipment would atleast have some heart in them and wouldnt want to be stolen from. Unless its a noob with a 50 doller Brass Eagle.
yeah people are so generous with paint
i've ran outa paint on the field and a teammate i didnt even know threw me a 150 round pod
Originally Posted by A-BOMBER
with what gun the one thats being stolen?
with the delta .68 pistol in the holster on your right leg
or a friend's marker

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