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Exclamation The 411 on me setup

  • PMI Black Maxx;
  • iron sights,
  • Smart Parts Progressive 14 inch barrel,
  • Firestorm Crank that is screwed right into holes drilled into the trigger guard, albeit still removable,
  • VL200 hopper modified to hold 295 paintballs,
  • 14 oz. CO2 w/ buttplate,
  • Dead-On Paintball 8-stage expansion chamber attached by extensive jerry-rigging with one straight 1/8" NPT male to 1/8" NPT female gas fitting attached to a gauge adaptor, with the whole assembly braced against the reciever to reinforce and prevent damage to the vertical adapter structure,
  • Macroline,
  • Lee-Enfield military-issue sling,
  • stock feeder elbow subdued w/black duct tape and permanently bonded to the powerfeed with 2-part epoxy,
  • homemade brass collar velocity mod (ghetto shim) made from a replacement '69 Ford Wagon door lock knob cut with a Dremel saw (the part I used was hollow),
  • Red PMI hammer spring,
  • Woodland Camouflauge paintjob,
  • Custom-made Woodland Camouflague tank cover.
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