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He bought a few extra bits of tournament prizes that I'd won a while back.
He's done some great 3rd party work for me. Great results and I'm happy.
I'm sure somewhere along the road, I've bought something from him.

3rd Party in Detail:
I sent him a PM5, he got a Cyborg, he sent the Pm5 off and I chose to sell the Cyborg. He attempted to fix it, and then sent it off to PBK. He also sent me a DM4 that was returned to Hawaii and was to be sent back to me. All this went down professionally and exceptionally well.


Wow, great guy to play with, talk to, or shoot at/get shot by. He's done numerous favors for me such as loaning me a gun for a weekend, spotting me on batteries, advising all of us on our untrue knowledge of the Intimidator, and just letting me talk shop with him. Heck of a guy. I have great trust and respect for him. One of the finest people that I have yet to meet playing our sport.

Deal with Lopez

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