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[quote=grizwald]Put some kind of obvious deterant like a what I did: I took a film canister, filled it with lead fishing weights or "sinkers" (enough that they don't shake", cut the rim off of the lid (so it is nice and smooth), super glued the top on, attached a coiled piece of wire I found somewhere, and wrote in white metalic gel pen the words "Tracker 2000" on it, and glued it to my gear bag. He, he I saw one guy checkin out my gear then he looked at it, looked around paranoidly, and left

I like your idea about the "Tracker 2000". Most theives are ignorant opportunists just waiting for the right moment to strike. Since most of them don't have the IQ of a rabbit, deterrants such as yours often work well, especially when accompanied by some of the other great ideas mentioned on this post. I'd like to catch one trying to steel a PB setup. I'd get my squad and we'd have a nad shooting party.
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