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I don't know if this has been said already. I have thought about using an old 20MM or 40MM surplus ammo canister to put my gear in. Those things are solid and can be locked up. I was checking the dimensions and they are 8" wide, about 18" long, and about 12-14" high. Thats enough room to put a marker or two, a tank, a hopper, and any tools you may need. I would pad the inside though (so you don't scrath your marker(s), tank, hopper, etc.)

EDIT: About the paint theft problem, buy a harness large enough to hold all of your paint, like an EVIL 6+5+2 or 5+4+2, or a large NXE harness. Then again, this would hurt someone who like to play up front or in the middle, lol.
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