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Originally Posted by Cerealkillerz
Yea i was going to have SEAL compare the modded filers to E-vents in the cheek protection area.
The Events don't have that much protection but I don't care.
I've worn them just not modded filers.
An i may buy my friends filers and mod them.

EDIT:Avatar=Meh ,Shoulda got E-vents there amazin
yeah, i imagine em having little cheek protection seeing the profiler is already pretty limited on protection.and i dont care about eventz...just soft ears big whoop.both the same in design besdies soft ears and one saYS empire, the other says vents.u know it'll still be pretty agg rockin it at the field.they only had blue,black,and grey eventz at the shop and i wanted red so i just went with the avatars(which they had every color).
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