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Ok, time to resurrect this old fourm. Today I was playing paintball in the woods behind my neighborhood with a few friends. One of which has a TIPPMANN A5 decked out to look alot like the Colt M4A1. We played for a while and then one game we played CTF. I hid our flag at the far side of the woods, probably 15-20 feet from the edge of the tree-line. Well i grabbed their flag and gave it to our carrier to hang it, so he ran to our flag to score the victory (this is Joe the one with the "M4"). Well on the other side of the treeline was this main road leading to a variety of stores, so obviously it gets alot of traffic (we normally dont play that far back). Joe hangs the flag for th win and we continue to play one more round before the COPS arrived. Someone in the parking lot to Publix must have seen him and decided to call it in. Halfway into the second game I hear something coming my way, so naturally I drop down and get ready to fire. Two cops passed me about 30 feet away hands on their sidearms. I wasn't quite sure what to do in this situation after all it was outlawball. A few seconds later i hear a paintball marker go off and the cops shouting. So after they yell out I stand up and run towards the chaos that is brewing deeper into the woods. It turned out that Jeff had shot at the cops (unintentionally) and they were standing by him weapons out. I asked them what had happened, thats when i was told about the suspicious person in a mask toting an assault rifle in the woods. I radioed Joe ant told him to meet me midpoint of the field WITH HIS BARREL SOCK ON. He shows up and now we have to explain to the Cops that the suspicious person in a mask was my friend Joe and we were just playing paintball. After they inspected the marker and realised that we were not Al-quida or something like that they let us go with a warning. We had to leave the field and If they caught us there again they would confiscate our markers. Jeff was given a warning, and was told he was lucky they didn't take him in for "assaulting" a police officer.
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"The best VL marker" isn't saying much at all. Thats like saying "While there are many peices of crap, this peice of crap is the best of the bunch"
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Just add in the "Sorry if this seems weird or out of line, I just rarely see you and I assumed this would be the easiest way to contact you and ask for your number and surprise buttsecks".
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