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Anti-Fog should be OK IF

Anti-Fog should be OK IF you have a thermal (double) lens.

the anti-fog goes on the INSIDE lens. which never gets hit by the paintball, and is there to prevent fogging primarily, not additional stopping power. The OUTER lens is the one that you should protect with your life. or at least with a clean cloth and water.

If you have a mask with a single lens, you have 2 choices. get a new mask w/ a double lens, or get a double lens for your existing mask.

Am I wrong here? Just my (to me) logical thought processes at work. guaranteed 93% fat free.


Actually, I just got my JT Flex7 IZE on friday, and they said never to use ANYTHING on the inside lens. Not even their own JT-Majik anti-fog. Here's a quote from the User Guide of my goggles, regarding the thermal lens:
THERMAL LENS: Take the Thermal lens out of the goggle dframe and gently dab the lens with a damp JT Microfiber Lens cloth or a soft cotton cloth. NEVER submerge this dual lens in water. NEVER scrub the soft inner lens. NEVER apply any form of fog resistant solution to the inner lens.
If you can read this you're following too close.

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