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i got 1 (this is b4 i started paintball but its still good) ok me and my friend live in tullahoma and are gettin ready to go to tracy city to his dads house(bout a 1 hour drive),back then we played alotta air soft,anyways we were in the doctors office waitn 4 his dad to get done, after waitin bout 1 hour we went outside and listened to some music in his car,bout another 30mins l8er he still wasnt done,we went to the back of his car,pulled out bout 4 pistols and started unloadin on some cars,bout 10mins whent by and 2 cops pulled up,and omg rhys (my friend)and me started stuffin the guns in our pockets(Yeah i know STUPID ) the cops said "we gotta report of 2 boys shooting guns at cars" and rhys says "yeah they ran down the street"(yeah go ahead rhys lie 2 em make it worse) i say dude there airdoft guns and pop out the mag and show em the bullets,they are like ok......and drove off lol(not as good as jasters bit still pretty funny)
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