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Who would have thought that I would be double posting a month after my last post.....

OK, finally got around to ordering my G7 tool kit, and made short work of installing the Reg adapter.

Removing the LPR was rather more of a problem, as I could not find a suitably shaped tool to remove it, nor could I fabricate anything to do the job at the time (well it was 1am when I was doing this!) Bit more time consuming, but it actually worked out easiest to remove the battery from the marker and push the LPR out from the back, rather than to pull it out of the front of the marker. After that set back, the STD LPR installation was just as easy as the reg adapter. Only problem with the LPR so far has been that removing it chops an o-ring every time - I'll probably swap that one particular o-ring for a slightly harder one.

Nasty Leopard skin grips banished. '05 Speed grips in place.

I have also bought some A4 vernier trigger wheels so that I can experiment with having either just a front trigger magnet or a back magnet, by using one G7 wheel and one A4 wheel. Saves having to keep pulling the magnets out and replacing them when I want to make a change. So I should be able to choose between an E-Blade style trigger pull (front magnet), a Shocker pull (rear magnet), the G7 pull (both magnets), or just run the trigger straight off the Tadao boards micro-switch with no magnets at all. Should be able to find something I like!

So, nearly there.

I hope to mount a light pipe in the side of the grip just to see the LED on the board. The chrome CP reg was just for the purposes of these photos, and will be replaced with a black Pi or 2-Liter Plus reg. I'm also considering a Violent Products trigger, but they always seem to be out of stock.

Evolve should be releasing a Newton-Lite kit for the G7 soon, and that should be the last item to complete this marker.
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