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Just to add on:

What is the difference between an Impulse and a Nerve?

Since you didn't touch up much on it, I will pick up on it.

Firing Mechanism
Both the Nerve and Impulse work on the same mechanism, the Hammer/Ram/Bolt Pin, Double Tube system. It still has the same old mechanical valve which is opened the same way it used to, the hammer hits a valve pin, and air flows. The main change to this system is size, everything has been reduced and slimmed as much as possible to maintain low pressure operation as well as reduced weight and size in general. The second change is the "quick strip" design. With a simple turn of the top tube's knob, the whole system will slide out as opposed to the old style Impulse screws.

Solenoid/Board Setup
Now, the old Impulse used to use a Solenoid tray since it's solenoid was so large as well as the board. Now the Solenoid is a bit smaller, the same as the 03 - Current Shocker Solenoid. With that, it uses the same board as the Shocker. A much much smaller one, which fits inside the frame between the grips, just like the Shocker. The new Frame, the same as the Shocker frame, is designed so that the top part of it fits around the new Solenoid, so this also eliminates the need for a solenoid tray.

Aside from pure facial changes, we have a few other changes that eliminate unecessary upgrades.
-The trigger/frame is already magnetic on the return by two opposing magnets pushing against each other.
-The Nerve comes stock with the Smart Parts Vision System (Reflective Eye).
-The new LPR design is integrated completely, with one of the best and most efficient LPR's around, the Smart Parts Max-Flo LPR is basically built into the nerve's body.
-The Nerve comes stock with a Stainless Steel Freak! ZOMG! Save money here, just need a kit for it.
-The old Inline Maxflo, that GIGANTIC Inline Regulator, has been re-designed and replaced with the new Nerve Max-Flo regulator, the same as the Shocker Max-Flo with different milling.

With all of this, you get a lighter, sleeker, shorter, thinner Impulse, AKA the Nerve.

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