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The Nerve's firing mechanism isn't entirely the same as that of the Impulse. Similar certainly, but in that case, you could compare it to the Angel or Bushmaster or any other ram operated open bolt electro-pneumatic marker.

For one thing, the Impulse valve is opened by being hit by a hammer on the front end of a ram. In the case of the Nerve, it is actually the tip of the ram that hits the valve to open it. There is a "hammer", but it is mounted on the back of the ram to give it more weight, and also gives the bolt somewhere to latch on to.

Another difference is that the Nerve does not have a separate ram and valve in the way that the Impulse does. Instead, it has a combined sleeve and valve assembly in which the ram shaft runs (although the valve can be unscrewed from the ram sleeve, this is to facilitate stripping the marker).

When you consider the "rammer" style valve activation, and the combined ram sleeve and valve assembly, the Nerve's firing mechanism actually has as much, if not more, in common with the Intimidator than it does with the Impulse.

Add to that the fact that, other than the barrel and feed neck threads, there are hardly any parts compatible between the Impulse and Nerve (there are more Shocker compatible parts), and they really have very little in common.
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