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once apon a time, the great "OLLIE LANG" played for Dynasty, and it was very good.

when god saw what he did he rested, for a made a paintball player to rule the world and pwn all noobs and PBR '06ers, and again, it was very good.

but then the great ollie fell into satan's traps, picked up the DM6 and rejoined the Iron Men, and sin fell onto planet earth, but there were some who resisted.

A last alliance of PBR junkies, and jaster, marched upon the paint fields of NOOB DOOM to reclaim the lands of field earth.

But when almost all hope was faded, Jaster, son of the king, picked up his fathers marker and....

ROUND HOUSE KIKED OLLIE SO HARD, that he went back to stock class.

The End.

- - - - - -

NEW!!! Battle Ballz! Your bunker doesn't stand a chance against this hopper load of hell!

QUOTE:tippmann3221 i walk my pencil all the time during class... i cant stop. i need help.
QUOTE: Shimboodo Listen to Jaster, he knows these things.
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