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Ultimate Ion/Epiphany Sticky! Upgrades/Troubleshooting/Settings/PICTURES and more!

Here; an ultimate sticky. If you want something added, PM me.

-Ion/Epiphany Picture Thread

-Wanting to run Co2 on an Ion? Read this!

-The final ion vs. gun X thread

-Smart Parts Ion - The Facts

-Smart Parts Ion FAQ

-Building a custom Ion from scratch? Here's what you need to know

-Ion Upgrade Thread

-7 Easy ways to break your ION

-Ion troubleshooting 101 w/ "the Trick"

-Ion Boards

-Disassembling Your Ion

-Ion Body Shells

-Wondering what to upgrade first on your Ion?

-Aftermarket Ion frames

-Comprehensive Dwell settings thread for your setup!

Special thanks go out to all the folks that made/make these threads and everyone else who contributes to them regularly.
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