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Do NOT post any threads regarding the Virtue board. They will be closed.

Advantage PB, manufacturers of the Virtue board are banned from this website. The will not be represented, endorsed, or supported by PBR. They are also banned from PBN for the same reason:
Advantage PB created numerous accounts and began posting reviews posing as actual consumers of their own boards. They were easy to spot and identify due to the nature of their reviews: all needlessly thrashed competitors products in their reviews, and hyped their own product to no end. Several accounts stemming from a single IP, later identifed to belong to Advantage PB were engaging in this practice both on PBR and PBN. They are banned on both forums for the same reason.
So if you're wondering which board to buy, consider carefuly the ethics of the company you do buisness with. If they are unethical in dealing with their advertising, what makes you think they'll be ethical in dealing with you? If you need support for one of their boards, refer to Advantage PB....they sold you the board, they need to support it, but all threads pertaining to the Virtue board or Advantage PB will be closed.
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