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-#9- Rocket Launcher. Just like the Grenade Launcher, but with increased Air Pressure and uses a shell to Explode. Usually hard. Mainly used in Scenario Games to take out tanks. Most popular Way is to get a small Nerf football and cut it in half, putting a plastic shell inside that busts on Impact. Dangerous if you actually hit someone directly with the "rocket" and because of Increased pressure so you can Shoot it straight like a real Rocket Launcher, not like a Grenade Launcher, which you usually lob.

Okay. These are just 8 or so ideas I found JUST BY LOOKING AT THIS SITE! No more threads people! This has all the info you need. If you got some GOOD ideas, post them here. DO NOT, put " Get, Like, a Gallon of house paint and, Like, Tape a bottle rocket to it, and Like, Blow it up. Thats just retarded. It wont work, and wont do anything. Its illegal and wrong. DONT DO IT.

Post away people. Help your master!

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