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Cool My story

All I paintball is in my friends' backyards. So this one time, my dad wad dighting his rifle for hunting. He called all the neighbors.He shot maybe 5 shots then leaves with my mom. So me and my friends head out to paintball. We're in the middle of a game, and all of a sudden I here,"Put your guns on the ground and put your hands on your head!!!"like really loud and we're all like 12, so we're freaked out. I look behind me and I see two cops running through the woods with pistols drawn. our youngest was 10(but still good) and he's like bawling. the cops take one look at us in our gear and calmly holster their weapons. Then they break out laughing. we're still stunned, when they finally stop laughing they asked who lived here. I stepped forward and they asked if my dad had sighted his rifle. still confused I answered yes. So then he asked if he called the neighbors. Once again I answered yes. So finally they told me what had happened. Well my dad had accidently called the Midland mall instead of my neighbors. When the cops pulled up they heard the markers and thought they were guns. So I gave them my dad's cell phone number and they left. Boy, that was an interesting day.
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