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Originally Posted by Jaster
I've found that most cops come in with attitude but once they see what's really going on and peeps are cool they mellow out. I don't usually have an issue with them. They've always been cool to me. Then again I try not to give them a reason to be dicks either.

Paintbuster...I have told them about it. I don't know if they've checked it out or not. I see them every now and then. I'm trying to convince them to come play with us more. They have the interest but not the time.

Ghost... no kidding!! Rather surprised myself. This thing's been going a while. Not going to complain though. I think this the longest thread without flames in it. lol

slikna99... if I wasn't standing there I'd claim BS too!! It was funny as hell and all true. I wish I have a video camera. I would have sent it to COPS. Hell even a camera. Just for the pic of the looks on the guys faces when she slapped the first officer. I'm sure mine was priceless too.

Kornman... my ex use to say "I have PMS and a hand gun....any questions?" Old line but still funny
(well i doubt they still have it but) you should have asked them from the video from the dashcam in the cruisers (if they were faceing you) lol

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