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One day, Jaster was playing paintball and met Chuck Norris on the opposing team. For many hours after everyone else on each team had been eliminated, Jaster and Chuck played an elaborate game of "Equilibrium"-like paintball, executeing perfect movements and coutner movements. At last they came to a standstill, both out of paint, when they came to a sudden realization.

"I have had an epiphany!" said Chuck.

"And I as well" responded Jaster, "we should not be fighting, we should be working together to bring knowledge of ownage and round-house kicking to the world. It has become apparent to me that we are both prophets sent from Colonel Sanders himself to eat chicken and bring enlightenment to the world."

And so it was that Jaster became a PBR moderator to teach the young with his stories of 'WTF AWESOME!!' while Chuck continued to insipire with roundhouse kicks everywhere.
"I am the firestarter, twisted fire starter" -- Prodigy

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