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I call her Vera. (firefly reference - if you haven't watched the show, please do.)

A hell of a lot of sanding, priming, painting, fitting, reworking, and she's complete.

Newly Completed Mods:
Bottomline ASA
12" black macroline
1 straight macroline fitting
1 90 degree macroline fitting (both quick disconnect)
12 gram CO2 changer (she gets about 24-28 shots to a 12g)
6" Weaver rail
M4 bipod
sanded, primed, sanded, painted with krylon semi-flat black

she's beautiful.
i've never a marker quite like her.

she shoots like a dream, dead straight, and she's consistant enough that once you get the drop figured out, you can hit anything with precision. the bipod REALLY makes a huge difference - there's really zero recoil (she's only a paintgun after all), and the trigger pull's light enough that you can put round on top of round if you're steady enough. or if you're not getting hosed by electros.

yes, the 21" barrel reduces muzzle velocity slightly, but it seems to me that what she looses in speed, she gains in accuracy, but hey, i'm biased.

left side:

right side:

top left:

business end:

heck, i just like this one:

thanks for looking all.
i'd love feedback .

take care,
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