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Originally Posted by B.C.paintballer
one day Jasper was just sitting around drinking pop( before he paintballed) and this old guy showed up and handed him a gun. soon they were taking off in the old guys car, too his favorite field. on the way there, a cop pulled them over. Then they realized that the guns were just laying around, not in a case. realising this, the old man yells to run. so off goes Jasper, while the old man keeps the cop busy. when Jasper looked back, the cop was handcuffing the old guy, and while this is happening, the old guy yells " Jasper, go to Adoy, he will teach you the ways of the paintball. He lives in Saginaw, Michigan. So Jasper headed of to Michigan. When he finally got there he looked up Adoy. When he got to Adoy's house, a very small man lead him to the back yard. There Jasper stayed for many weeks. Going through multiple training courses, and finetuning his skills. Then one day heard about Ollie Laang leaving Dynasty. Then he knew what he must do. He must step up and become the new Ollie Lang. So he bid farewell and left to defeat Ollie Lang in the final battle. when he found Ollie Lang, he challenged him to a 1 on 1 duel. At first it was an even match but then Ollie Lang got Jasper pinned. "Jasper, I must tell you something" Ollie shouted. "Jasper, I am ( you probably all think I'm going to say father don't you?) your uncle's sister's aunt's uncle's grandson's sister's daughter's brother's neice's cousin's step cousin's twice removed brother." "Nnnnnnnnooooooooo!" shouts Jasper. Then suddenly Ollie runs out of paint. Jasper wins! But unfortunatly, Ollie shoots Jasper in the trigger finger, so Jasper is stuck being a super mod on pbreview
Do you even know who Jaster is, he is the all mighty PBR mod. Getting his name wrong will get him mad!!

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