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So, you want to sell some paintball stuff? You may be like me and others *coughCockerKidcough* and often change your marker and/or gear. Or you may just have some things you donít need anymore. Whatever your reason for selling your paintball equipment you will be sure to want to do it in a way which will make the buyer happy.

Because I have a local paintball shop (sort ofÖ. itís not really official) I often sell used things. The used things I sell are always in great condition and my customers love how cheap it is. Where do I get these used things? Paintball forums. I find things for cheap, than resell them, still for a cheap price, but make a profit. I often sell some of my equipment that Iím upgrading. So, I have had a lot of experience in being the buyer. Iíve bough from excellent people. Iíve bought from good people. Iíve bough from outright terrible people. Although being a ďgoodĒ seller is an ok thing, my goal is to try to make you an excellent seller and have your customers love you.

Now, although I sell most of my stuff locally I do a good amount of selling on the internet. I will share what I do to make my customers online happy.

Creating your ad.

*Do not use caps or big letters
People find it annoying, donít do it. Itís alright to do it with a few words, but not in the whole ad.

*Proof read and check for errors
Itís not a hard thing to do and it makes you look much more professional and will attract more buyers.

*Make the ad understandable
Much to often I see ads such as this

ďOk, I have some stuff for sale. Dead On Style drop forward, Proteus mask, Nitro tank, vigilante reg, Reloader, and Spyder shutter. Make offerĒ

I hate these types of ads. It shows that the person put no time at all into making the ad. This is not impressive. Try using the following things to make an ad

Start with a short greeting, give the reason why you are selling
Number each item
Put the actual product in bold
Have a Price
Tell all information about the product
Add a link to your trader feedback if you have some
Say where you can be contacted
Thank them for looking

Here is how the ad SHOULD have been made

ďHello, Thank you for looking. I have decided to upgrade to some new things so I have a couple of products for sale.

1. Green Dead On Style Drop Forward- 15
This drop forward is 6 months old. It is in near perfect condition except for one small scratch near one of the screws.

2. Clear JT Proteus Mask- 40
This mask has only been used once and is in mint condition, no scratches on the lenses.

3. Crossfire 47ci 3000psi steel nitro tank- 55
This nitro tank is in perfect condition, has no scratches. Hydro date is 10/02. Includes a blue nipple cover.

4. AA Vigilante regulator- 50
Regulator is in slightly used condition, no noticeable scratches. Has only been run on nitro

5. Black Empire Reloader Hopper- 40
This reloader is still in original box! Never been opened.

6. Blue Spyder Shutter- 75
Please note that this marker needs a new bolt, one is not included! It will not work until you get one. Included with this Shutter is the following;
Clear vl200
PMI adjustable elbow
Original box
Parts kit

All offers will be considered.

Shipping is included in the prices. I ship via USPS Priority Mail.

I accept Pay Pal, Money Orders, and Checks. I will ship the package out the day after I receive your payment. If you pay via check please give me two days for clearing.

You can view my trader feedback *here*

I can be contacted four ways;
Post here
Private Message me
Email (
AIM (Calebd2)

Feel free to ask any questions



Now which one of those ads would impress you more? The second one of course. It doesnít take much effort at all. I spent about 15 minutes making that.

*Start with a short greeting, give the reason why you are selling
This is friendly and a good way to start the thread off

*Number each item
By doing this people will not miss each item your selling

*Put the actual product in bold
By doing this the person will be sure what the exact product is

*Have a Price
Alright, a lot of people do not include a price. The potential buyer does not appreciate this and will often not offer a price because either they donít want to waste time or they arenít sure what to offer.

*Tell all information about the product
Give all information. Color, condition, age, or anything else that is applicable. This way they potential buyer will not have to ask questions which will save you time

Say if the prices include shipping or not, if they do not say how much shipping will be and how it is shipped.

Tell them what types of payment you accept and what you will do when you receive the payment

*Add a link to your trader feedback if you have some
You have a MUCH better chance off selling you item if you include trader feedback

*Say where you can be contacted
This will allow the potential buyer to be able to contact you if needed

*Thank them for looking
Itís the nice thing to do, so do it.

*Include pictures
You will sell your item much easier if you have a picture, especially if it is something on the more expensive side. Even if you donít have a digital camera find someone who has one. It isnít that hard.

*Never ever lie about the product
This is the most important thing of becoming a excellent seller. Itís common sense too. Itís obvious that you shouldnít lie that it is working when it isnít. Also obvious is saying that you have something when you donít. I guarantee you if you do you will get bad feedback. Itís illegal, you could get in trouble. Itís common sense, itís bad, donít do it.

Now there are some things that arenít exactly ďlyingĒ, more like deception. The product still works, but there is a small little thing missing or wrong. If there is ANYTHING that is wrong with the product or not included or anything that was been changed since it was purchased, tell them.

Iíve purchased probably about 50 used markers. Youíd be amazed about how many little things they ďforgetĒ to tell you. No safeties, missing sight rails/beaver tails, scratches, broken o-rings, messed up cup seals, stripped screws. You most likely will not get bad trader feedback for it, but it is courtesy to the other person and will make them much more happy. There is no excuse for it, you need to tell the buyer.

Managing Your Ad

*Questions asked in the thread
If you are asked a question in your thread answer it politely. Donít be pushy.

*Questions asked through private messages or email
Same thing answer it politely. Donít be pushy.

*Questions asked through AIM
This is the way that I think is the best way to communicate. Answer there questions and donít be pushy. After they are done asking there questions donít just say bye, talk to them. Donít say anything else about what your selling. You can ask them what marker they shoot or how long theyíve played paintball. Anything that has to do with paintball. Most people like that and will become more friendly. There is a much more chance of you selling your product if your polite and enjoyable to talk to. Iíll take one guy I bought from for example. He goes by CaptainFuzzy here on Pbreview. I contacted him on AIM and he was great. You couldnít help but love the guy. Because I found him such a great guy I was more inclined to buy his product. Hey, you may even make some AIM buds.

If someone offers you less than the price you listed always consider it. If itís decent, take the deal. If you donít like the offer, tell them no thanks, and tell them what you will take.

Yes, I know it sucks. Your selling a JT Proteus Mask and someone offers you 15 bucks shipped. Itís rude, but just ignore it. Donít yell at them and tell them there an idiot (or more colorful language). Just tell them you would like to get more.

If someone has agreed to purchase one of your items and has put the payment in the mail donít put sold just yet. Next to the price in red letters write the words ďPendingĒ. After you receive the payment and ship it out, than you write ďSoldĒ

*If you sell one of your items
If you sell one of your items edit your original post in red put the word SOLD in place of where the price was. This is better than making a new posting by saying ďThe JT Proteus Mask is soldĒ because not everyone will read the whole thread.

*If you sell all your items
At the top of the page in large letter write ďEverything is SoldĒ. Also Private Message a moderator asking them to delete it.

Closing the deal

So someone wants to buy your itemÖ now what?

*Getting proper information
Private Message or Email them with a message such as this

Thank you for purchasing my JT Proteus Mask
The total payment due is 40.00

Please send the payment to the following address;
Caleb Dean
(Iím not going to include my street addy, I donít want everyone on the net seeing it)
Osprey, FL 34229

How do you plan to pay?

Please include your address with the payment. Could you also enclose a note with the payment specifying what item you purchased?

Thanks again!

-Caleb Dean"

(cont. in next post)
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