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Believe me, this will happen quite often, it sucks, but there isnít anything you can do about it. Donít get pissed and send them a nasty email. Just put the item back up for sale.

*Slow payment
If it has been at least a week and you havenít yet received the payment email or private message the buyer with a short message asking how the shipment on the payment is going.

Shipping your item

So you receive the paymentÖ now what?

*Contact the buyer
When you receive the payment email or private message the buyer informing them that you have received the payment. Tell them what day you will be shipping the item out. Be sure that it is when you said.

If there is a delay in shipping the item email or private message them telling them that. Make sure you add a truthful legitimate reason for the delay.

*Item cannot be shipped
If for some reason your product gets lost, breaks, or something out of your power happens to it and you canít send it to the buyer what should you do? You need to send there money back as soon as possible. I would also recommend that you include 15% of what they paid.. So if the item you sold was 100.00 send them back 115.00. Be sure to send them an email or private message with and apology and truthful explanation of why the item could not be shipped. Tell them you will be sending there payment back plus 15% of what they paid. Most likely you will not get bad trader feedback if you do this.

*Clean the Item
All to often Iíve received and item that hasnít been cleaned. Itís pitiful, itís not hard to do, neither is it time consuming. Iíve purchased a good amount of barrels and neither every single one had a break in it! Pull a squeegee thru it! It only takes 10 second, come on! Oil and clean a marker before you send it out. With a mask, take the lenses out, and clean it. Everything should be cleaned before shipping out, there are no excusesÖ.

*Free item
If possible include a free item with the package. It doesnít need to be anything expensive. Stickers, oil, squeegee, or whatever. If you got something you donít mind with parting with, throw it in. Buyers will love this.

This is a very important aspect of selling. You must pack it well to be sure it will make it to the buyer in the same condition it was when you shipped it! I once purchased a 12oz co2 tank from someone. I received it in a box that would have been big enough for 3 cases of paintÖ He did not pack it at all. He just threw it in there and shipped it. Needless to say, it did not come to me in the same condition as when he shipped it. So here is what you need to do when shipping the item

First, find a box that is the right size. Than you need to wrap the item in something. Even if you donít have bubble wrap or official wrapping you can find things around the house that will work. Newspaper will work great. I once purchased a barrel from reneirwolfcastle and he put it in two (clean) socks.

Be creative, youíll figure something out. USPS, UPS, and Fedex arenít exactly the most careful people in the worldÖ Pack it well you want to be sure that the item arrives in the same condition as when you sent it.

Include an invoice type thing in the package. There pretty simple to make, mine looks like this;

ďMr. Bob Smith, 6/03

Enclosed is the JT Proteus Mask. This mask is for the 40.00 Money Order I received from you on 6/02.

If possible could you please write me some trader feedback on Pbreview/Pbnation? Do a search for the user name ďCalebd2Ē, there is already a thread made. I will be sure to do the same for you.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you!

(Sign your name here)

After the package is gone

*Email the buyer
Email the buyer and inform them that you have sent the package out and that they should be receiving soon.

*Keep information
Even though the package is gone you should keep all information. This includes Private Messages, Emails, Letters from buyer, or anything else that had to do with your transaction. Keep these just incase something comes up with the buyer. If they claim something and you say itís different, you can be like, ďBam check this outĒ and show them the proof.

*Trader feedback
After everything is done throw the buyer some feedback.

Well boys and girls thatís about it. It sure seems like a lot to remember, but once you do it a few times itís not hard. If you do all that, I promise you youíll costumers will love ya.

Thanks for reading

If you see something I missed or something that should be added, throw me a PM.
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