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My setup is pretty simple. V-force sheild, VL 12 v w/ x-board, boo-yah eLCD frame from a Spyder, 12" big daddy, and a custom dropforward because of the eLCD.
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- Jt Excellerator 4.0
- Equation MS Barrel 10" and 14" non-ported
- 12v VL hopper w/ x-board
- Boo-Yah frame using custom drop forward
- Polished internals
- Palmer Stab. Regulator
- 20 oz anti-syphon w/ on/off
- Mod Valve Pin (higher flow)
- Mod bolt (Lot less blowback now)
- Dye mine gauge
- 32 degree valve

- x-chamber from 4.0 with hose
- 12" AA Big Daddy (AA back, tear drop front)
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