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I skimmed this thread and didnt find anything about putting oil in your HPA tank
Its kind of hard to explain and im not sure if its true with all oils but definitely true for 3in1 oils. If you do put oil in i think just the fill nipple (not sure if something occurs with putting it into the end part) You could cause an explosion next time your tank is fill. See all oils have a flash point, temperature at which the oil catches fire or explodes, im not sure which, under high pressure, say 3k or 4.5k psi that flash point is lowered significantly, low enough to ignite under the heat created when an HPA bottle is being filled, if you know how a diesel engine works u might understand me a little bit better

If this has already been posted please delete it, i didnt see it on any stickies and it seems to me like this would be something you should know, If it hasnt been posted, your free to elaborate on it or do a better job explaining and clarifying some of the stuff i dont know
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