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The "Lazyfinger" trigger job. This is a job i made myself, and i didnt copy it. It is the easiest, non-permanent,non-warenty-voiding, and tottally idiot-proof, because lets face it, we all have a little idiot inside us. I was going to keep this secret but i figured all would benifit, so all that i ask is that this mod be kept as the "lazyfinger" job. i cant copyright, nor do i want to, i just want to have some credit. If you are one to steal mods and call them ur own, then u are also the player who is too stupid to make his own. This has only been done on an R6, so be aware that it may not work on other markers. If anyone gets it to work on another gun, pm me!

If you have any trubbles, email me at

This is how its done

But first: i am not responsible for you ****ing up your marker. i gave a simple trigger job, and u screwing it over is not my fault, it is your own stupidity.

this mod does NOT affect trigger travel. It only lightens the pull. i may have spelt guard like this: gurad. it is just a spelling error.

1. remove your trigger frame from the gun.
2. using a small nail punch, almost completley knock out the pin that is above the trigger. knock it out from the right side to the left. if u look at the frame from behind, u will put the nail punch on the right side. one side says "made by Pmi". hammer on the OTHER side of that. the side u hammer on will have the warning to not shoot sumone without goggles. this is important because if u do it wrong, it will **** up the frame.
3. as u are hammering, wiggle the trigger every so often, and try and pull it down and away from the handle. keep hammering until u can remove the trigger.
4. if it didnt pop out on its own, remove the trigger spring. its the litle spring that is under neath the arm piece attached to the trigger.
5.replace the trigger, and hammer the pin back in and reattch frame to marker body
6. now, ull notice that the trigger swings back and forth on its own, with no resistence.
7. to make the trigger return after a shot, ull need a dental elastic. if u have braces, they are the little elastcs that u attach to ur molars and one of your frontal upper teeth. do not use the small ones, as they are too small and strong. use the ones that are approximately the circumference of a dime(10c). mine came in a white bag and it sais Buffalo on the front with a picture of a buffalo.
8. now, take the elastic, and take 2 end in ur fingers. nothing fancy. it should look like a stretched circle. dont twist it or nuttin, just grab it and pull it. name one end A and one end B
9. put the elastic over the trigger guard, so u are still holding on, but it is folded in half over the gurad. now, open up end A, and insert end B (or vice versa)
Grab side B, the part you just put through, and pull away from gurad while pushing the A end/loop towards the guard.
10. pull end B and slide it over the back of the trigger.
what u should have now is your trigger running down, with the elastic attached to the back, and going out at a 90 degree angle to atrtach to the trigger guard.
11. now, slide the part of the elastic attached to the trigger guard up to the very top of the guard. next, slide the part of the elastic on the trigger as high as u can get it. last, pull the trigger all the way. where u put your fingers on the trigger, look just above that. the top of the trigger should have a small edge on each side. put the elastic on those ledges, ad release the trigger. this is to keep the elastic away from your shooting fingers.

you have just completed the "lazyfinger" trigger job, courtesy of AsRealAsItGets

If you have ANY questions, email me at
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