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The set-up:
45 Framed Liquid Gloss Red Angel G7 Fly
Angel Force FBS Tadao Board
Angel Force High Flo Valve
Angel Force Master Technafeed (MT Intellifeed) Halo B
SPO Extreme Gear Red Carbon Fiber Halo Shell w/ Red Carbon Fiber Back Plate
Boost 10.6V 1400mah lithium Ion rechargeable battery in Halo
Halo Cheetah Board
AKA Angel LPR (yup, I said AKA...not STD ) with Dan Voils Bullet Cap
Hybrid Blunt Rain w/ Hybrid Grind ASA
14" Red Mamba St!ffi Sw!tch Kit
70/4500 Crossfire LP Stubby

And my God, it shots like a dream Why? Because she has been recently tuned by the one and only Ken Crane at

The Angel Force guys simply ROCK!

She might look like she never gets used but she gets used and abused just like all the others in this post.

Damn, I love photography. I might not be great at it but I love it.
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