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Originally Posted by ubernuber
DagNasty, I'm not calling you a scammer or anything in the following post, I highly respect you for being so willing to take up such a helpful role in facilitatiting the trade; but what if you were able to try out two nice guns at your local field for the weekend while you were ummmm 'checking them out'... Heck, people would think you were a rich bas**rd! HAte to say it, but I probably would 'test' markers like that
i am a rich bastage and I wouldn't need to try out any maker at my "local field" because my local field in in my backyard and any marker you own I can buy without thinking twice.

I'm offering a free service for those without the means to pay for a third party. You can choose not to trust me, I have no problem with that.. whatever floats your boat. But do not call me out for trying to help people avoid being scammed.

On that note, this thread is locked. Anyone who wants a free third party service through me is more than welcome to pm me.
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