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Originally Posted by Dark Master
Gun alone is worth $160ish, add $10 for the feedneck, $5 for the cocking rod, $45 for the Ram and Qevs, $20 for the Tickler (which is the same thing as the stock LPR, just external adjustable), $40 for the Inline Reg (which from the looks, seems to be a Torpedo, just milled differently), $200ish for the E2, $40 for the CP barrel, and $20 for the On/off. Around $530ish if you parted. Plus the stock parts you have left over and whatnot. If you sold it as a whole, the value would go down a bit to roughly $475, which is my fault.

Fair enough. As for the Empire reg, the internals are exactly the same as the CP reg. Thx dude.
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