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One shot at a time.
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Post BBT 2095(blue) 2129 (flame)

Here's what I have..
Anyone can be a shark, in a goldfish bowl.

B2k4 w/PDS totally Vaporized, Hyper reg
ION #1 APE, HP Bolt and Body, Kilas Dents, Custom Frame, HP2, QLock, CP ASA On/Off, Virtue Eyes.
ION #2 BLACKHEART, L7, QLock, Modified (milled) Frame for Membrane and LEDs, 12" SLY, Autococker threads, NDZ can, breach, CP ASA on/off, CP Reg. XE kit for Bob.
ION #3 - stuck in the mud - Bird feeder
Wrath Rev'd up / X7, Egrip, Flatline, etc
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