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Year/Model: 2006 Ego
Main color: Gunmetal grey
Contrasting colors: black & blue
Board/version: 1.01 Maniac, 2.04
Regulator: Sidewinder
FRM: stock
ASA: Hybrid Grind 2: Pushbutton
Frame: '06 Star frame
Trigger: Critical Alter Ego
Valve: stock
Detents: Kila Gen 2
Bolt: HardShell
Pin: Hardshell
Feedneck: c-lever
Ram Cap: Hybrid adjustable
Rammer: stock, ti soon
Grips: Hybrid Gen 6
Customizing of your own:

Barrel: St!ffi .691 16"
Tank: Centerflag 45/45 & Guerrilla Air 68/4500
Loader: Empire Reloader B
Efficiency: 68/45- around 1500 shots
-'06 EGO-

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