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i'll reserve this space for me. 4-5 weeks more. i'll defenitly have it by halloween if that's any re-assurance. i vote sticky as well. so it may not be an 06, but it's before halloween

Year/Model: 2005
Main color: silver
Contrasting colors: black
Board/version: tadao M7
Regulator: 2006 Bob Long Torpedo Reg
FRM: stock 90*
ASA: Hybrid Pushbutton 'Grind' On/Off
Frame: Stock 05
Trigger: stock
Valve: stock
Detents: stock
Bolt: stock 05
Pin: stock
Feedneck: stock
Anodizing: none
Customizing of your own: hybrid snow camo grips

Barrel: 14" stiffi
Tank: Crossfire 72/45 HP Stubby
Loader: Empire Reloader B

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