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neither can i. currently, i have my ion dissasembled in a mess upstairs on my dining room table and im trying to get the solenoid off my stock board to put on my t-borad.unfortunately, there are little prong-like things sticking thru the board that are preventing me to do so. ebon's not on, so i cant ask him for help, and in the ion dissasembly thread, there's nothing on removing the noid from the stock board.

this isnt really much of a big deal, b/c more likely than not im going to my proshop tomorrow to grab myself the crossy mentioned above (i sold the GA tank), and im sure that dave' will fix it for me. i just wanted to see if i could do it myself. everyone makes a big deal over dissambling the ion, when in reality, its very simple. im proud of what ive done so far, and if i cant remove the noid, i'll just leave it alone and i wont touch it until tomorrow, when i can have a pro do it. there's no point in messing up my ion over some little thing.

i also just realized that this is major OT in a thread that will probably be stickied, so essentially i just wasted 5mins writing somethign that will only get deleted later on. oh well.... Ego coming in 5 weeks!!! yea boi.....

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