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demeegod: Please send me an Email or AIM. Thanks!!!!

If anyone is staying at school over summer, please let me know. Hopefully we can set something up.

Where we stand:
I have a letter/resume written (about 75% done) that we can spend to potential sponsors. What I am missing is player information (you guys). So if you guys can shoot me an AIM or EMail, that would be great. Things to include:

Year in School:
Years Played:
Other Gear:

So if it were my information:
Name: Kevin Tsai
Year in School: 3rd
Years Played: 7
Position: Back / Mid
Marker: 06 Ego
Other Gear: Dye/Proto apparel, MacDev tank

I would LOOOOOVE (big emphasis) for us to play in San Diego on September 8-10. It would be our first tournament (hopefully NCPA) and our first crack at getting recognized and see how we stand against other people. But to do this, I would like to play with you guys to see how everyone stands. And in the next two months, I would love to hold practices so we can prepare for SD. If we don't make it in time for SD, we have another opportunity will be Los Angeles.

Let me know what you think and please, please give me your contact information. My information is above in the first post.

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