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I have to say this is the longest running thread I have ever seen that remains entertaining the whole way through.
Heres my cop story: A few weeks ago I decided to bring my stock class harness to work. I work at a mexican restraunt, so everyone there is crazy, cool, and most are only semi-legal. Anyway, it was after closing on a saturday night (about 1:00 am) and I finaly bring a few of my coworkers out to my car to show them my harness, well a cop car creeps up on us out of nowhere, so I turn around and I realized that I probably look a little more than suspicious. I decided it would be a good idea to take off my harness and toss it in my car, then I realized that probably didnt help the situation. The cop called 2 more cars and he asked us what we were doing at 1 in the morning in a parkinglot. I told him that I was showing everyone my paintball harness. He asked what I had put back in my car and I told him it was the harness. I didnt want to reach in my car for anything since he was on the other side of my car and might not react too well to me reaching into my car, so I asked him if it was alright for me to get it for him. He told me to put it on the roof of my car, when I did, his reaction was awesome. "Oh man! Youre one of those brave guys with the pump guns!" I told him yessir and asked if he was satisfied. He told us that he had driven by earlier and we had broken up when he whent buy. I told him that I didnt even see him drive by the first time and explained that we were out earlier, but went back inside for a meeting. He told us that he wanted to pat us down and do a visual check of the inside of our cars just to be sure. Im not sure if it was legal, but it was late and the cop seemed cool, so we figured we would let him do his searches (after making sure he wasnt going to tear our cars apart if we agreed). Asside from pocket knives the pat downs went quickly, but my car has some interesting features, like a massive bottle of amber colored gingerbread syrup and a hunting knife on the back window. Needless to say the cop found nothing, but laughed at me for trying to get searched for having a bottle of syrup that looked like whisky. After he had searched to his hearts content, he told us that he and his sons played paintball every weekend. It was pretty cool, I guess if I were a person of shadier interests I might have felt diferently about that night, but it was pretty cool to talk to some cops about paintball in the middle of the night with a bunch of mexicans. Great stuff.

Keep this thread alive and entertaining!
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