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Originally Posted by woodsballer69
your *** im a woodsballer who knows what he is talking about. you cant go wrong with an A-5 with an e-grip and stock. You dont need nirto because CO2 is better and makes your gun shoot faster. Hands down get an A-5 because you can get extreme with a tippmann. I A-5
Originally Posted by woodsballer69
evilpaintballer your team sucks
Okay. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Nothing wrong w/ an A5, really. But your comment on CO2 > HPA bc it makes your gun shoot faster? Now you really need to get your facts straight buddy.

HPA >>>>>>> CO2.
It's cleaner, it's not affected by temperature changes = most consistent, it's cheaper to fill, and high-end guns can't use CO2 bc it'll freeze all the orings / ruin the solenoid.

GG buddy.
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