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Cool Looky what I got today.....

It's called a Hickman catheter. It travels under my skin and up to a vein in my neck. It is then fed into that vein for some distance, where it will stay for about a year.
Through this line they can draw blood. Supply me with blood products, Chemo drugs, antibiotics, and pain meds. They can even put in certain dietary supplements.

The day has come. July 18th I enter the hospital for my bone marrow transplant. I get 6 days of high dose chemo, a day of rest and then the transplant. The doc says it will take about 18 months to fully recover, if the transplant takes and I don't succumb to one of the numerous risks that go along with this.

For those who didn't know. I was diagnose 4 months with a blood cancer called Myelodisplastic Syndrome (MDS). I underwent induction chemo, which worked great. I still need the transplant as it is the only possibility for a cure.

Guys and girls, I am 33 years old, I have been healthy up until this point. Being faced with my own mortality, the only pearls of wisdom I can give you is go see a doctor regularly. Get checked up so you don't check out.

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