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I have an uncle who had to go through the whole catheter into the heart thing.

He had a cancerous growth on his left leg, T-cell lymphoma.

He had one of these things about the size of a softball cut in half:

He was 54 at the time it started to grow, no prior symptoms or anything-he thought it was a bite from a spider or something.

Chemo killed off that tumor, and a few months later he had several more small ones, that showed, then up and vanished over about 3 weeks with no reason the doctors could find(I'm serious about this). Chemo was stopped after it didn't show any signs on helping and about a month later is when they started going away.

Today, 3 years later he's completely clear of cancer.

Once they let you out of the isolation room at the hospital and are released to go home, be very very careful about cleanliness and disenfection. My uncle caught some kind of infection but luckily the antibiotics killed it off.
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