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Where can I see a list of Agents/Moderators/Legends/Super's?

Aren't some of those moderators inactive?

Yes, but we'd prefer not to lose quality talent.

When do you select Agents/Moderators?

We typically select them on an as needed basis ... usually every 12-18 months ... mainly to fill holes or backfill critical vacancies as they occur.

What can I do to get on the slate?

Re-Read the rules/posts above. Asking to be on the slate of candidates is a sure fire way to get yourself removed from consideration.

Who can/should I go to with problems?

If it's a problem with a specific post or thread, please use the report button to type a brief description of the problem. This will be entered into a Log accessible by the moderator team for review and action. The mod of that forum or a Super will take care of the problem.

If it's a problem with a member or a section of the site, try to consult with a moderator that you trust or that has purview over that area. If it's a major issue, PM a Super.

If it's an account issue, spam/porn issue, or something of importance to the site, please PM a Super.

How do I advertise here?

Please click on the Contact Us link and one of the Administrators will get in touch with you about rates/fee structures etc.
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