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Well here's a good one for you. Oh the Jasman really boned this one. A good example of what not to do!

I was at work and tinkering with a gun (after hours and I work for my father) I fired a couple shots into the woods, just testing it out (it was an A-5 I was doing some work to for a friend). Well I'm heading to my van and I can hear a car behind me. Now this is something my dad likes to do to me all the time. He likes to try to sneak up behind me and honk the horn and scare the crap out of me. (normally I have on headphones and they're rather loud). So I figure it's him... I turn quickly and fire a few shots at the windshield... putting a very nice set of bright orange splats up the windshield and rack lights of a...yep you guess it.... a New York State Trooper.
Needless to say I had a rather shocked look on my face as I realized what just happened. I let a certain four letter "F" word out as I'm putting the gun on the ground. The Trooper gets out of his car, looks at the splats, then at me. He didn't seem impressed.
I explain what what going on and why I shot at him. He just stood there glaring at me with his arms crossed. I hate that look... you know that one you get from your dad when you're a kid and you KNOW you are seriously screwed... Luckily for me my dad was coming out and just started laughing his arse off when he figured out what happened. He did tell the Trooper that he does do that to me to bust my "paintballs".
We all had a nice little conversation about paintball safety and how it probably isn't a good idea to shoot at cops. Which I quickly agreed with him on all his points with a smile.
I cleaned off the cruiser like a good little dobee and went on his merry way.
Actually by the time he left he was laughing about it. He couldn't wait to show the dash tape to everyone...especially for that priceless look on my face when I realized it was a cop. I asked for a copy of the tape... I might get a photo... yes I'll post it.... so laugh it up!
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