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Cool ^^^^^Timmy Maintenance Vids^^^^^

***Taken from PBN thanks to "Rendition Tech" of PBN for his work on these vids*****

Maintenance of the poppet is NOT shown, and so you will have to refer to Jasters thread about that if you don't know already. His thread can be found here.

Originally Posted by Rendition Tech
Guys I made a video showing the basics of setting up a timmy, taking apart the LPR, HPR, RAM, NOID, everything except for the poppet.

You can view the file from Putfile here-

Or download it directly from putfile here (15MB)-


Rendition's Grip Panel Mod

Or download it directly-
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Yes I am going to put it in the Ultimate Sticky after folks have a chance to find it since nobody ever reads stickies.
Meaning... Read the stickies.
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