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Thank you for all of the kind words guys.
I am still kicking here. It is the morning of day +7, I'm waiting for my breakfast to show up. I figured I would check and see what was going on here.
Well here is an update. It is day +7 which is 7 days post transplant. The transplant went pretty well. The marrow was infused over the course of about an hour and a half. I reacted slightly from it. I got a few hives, but no major other reactions. I did start feeling a little sick a few hours after that. In the subsequent days after the transplant I felt pretty bad. Constant nausia, with the feeling like my intestines were in a blender. My appetite was kind of hit or miss. The chemo that I got has several side effects. One of which is that it can and does kill some taste buds, so food does not taste quite right, in some cases it can taste horrible. It also changes your sense of smell. The smell of some foods now make me feel sick. On top of that I spend a good deal of time on the toilet. The chemo destroys the lining of the GI tract, which starts at your mouth and (yup you guessed it) ends, well at the end. So food is processed differently and more quickly.
I am starting to feel some effects of the mucisitis in the back of my throat. With any luck it will go no further than that. I am told that in some of the bad cases it is so painful that it is like "swallowing razor blades." Thats when people start getting the really good drugs. Still nothing you hope for. Yesterday I started feeling a little bit better, and today seems ok for right now. I am hooked up most of the day to an IV drug of some kind. Either FK506(immuno suppressant) or an antibiotic. I get time in the late afternoon and evening to be free from my octopus friend. Then I usually try and get some excersise. They want transplant patients to keep moving, as it helps the blood flow and keeps your muscles from going into atrophy. Normally I walk about a mile or try and get on the bike for a few miles. Yesterday was different, I'm not really sure what I was thinking, I started with 3.5 miles on the bike. My knee and legs hurt after that so I started to walk around the BMT unit to loosen up, before I went back to my room. I don't know if it was just the music I was listening to or what, but the next thing I know I had been walking for an hour and 45 minutes. On the board it says that 24 laps is 1 mile. I never did count the laps, but it had to be 4-5 miles. My legs sure did hurt after that.

Well all in all, they say I am right on course. While we are still waiting for my blood counts to go to zero, I know they will get there. Then it will be the wait for them to come back up. That should start in about 10-12 more days.

I have some pictures that I may put up here if I can get them to upload.

Until then.

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