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Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Year/Model: 2006 Ego
Main color: Gun metal Grey
Contrasting colors: Gloss Red
Board/version: Lucky board with Hater Chip
Regulator: Stock
FRM: Stock
ASA: Stock
Frame: Stock
Trigger: Stock
Valve: Stock
Detents: Kila Detents (red)
Bolt: Stock
Pin: NDZ Delrin
Feedneck: Trinity cam-lock
Anodizing: stock
Customizing of your own: none...thankfully.

Barrel: Freak kit, Stock shaft
Tank: 68/4500 Dye throttle
Loader: Reloader b, Vlocity
Efficiency: prolly 1500-1600
Waterloo Wildcards

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